Frequently Asked Questions
What do you wear?

Unless otherwise directed, we dress formally -the men in tuxedoes and the women in black.

What does the quartet require?

A minimum space of 2.5 metres by 3 metres, 4 flat chairs without arms, access to an electrical outlet if lighting is not sufficient for music reading and in the case of an outdoor ceremony, an over-head shelter for the safety of our instruments.
(Although we have managed to creatively fit ourselves into smaller spaces such as the Ellis Chapel and the Gazebo at Springfield Golf Club)

Do you also play receptions?

Absolutely, we can provide beautiful music for your receiving line, cocktail hour or during dinner.
Click the link to view our sample reception repertoire list.

Do I have to hire the whole quartet?

We are willing to perform in several combinations, as follows:

Quartet – 2 violins, viola and cello
Trio – violin, viola and cello
Duo – violin OR cello with piano
Solo – violin OR cello to play with your organist/pianist

How long in advance should we book?

As soon as possible. Every year there are one or two dates that everyone wants. (Last year it was July 5th and August 23rd.) Never assume that the date that you have chosen will not be popular!

A 50% deposit is required to finalized bookings.
You can download a copy of the Agreement_of_Service.